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Seasonal lash shedding

Lash shedding when the weather changes can be very frustrating with retention issues. Here is a little back history on what lash shedding is and what you can do to help your clients retention during season changes.

What is lash shedding?

Eyelash shedding happens twice a year in spring and autumn when temperatures begin to change, Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent this, but is crucial to educate yourself and your clients regarding the lash shed. Lash shedding is when the increase of lash loss is more prominent when the humidity changes. For example, spring and fall is when the seasons change the most with humidity. It's like when a animal sheds there fur for the season changes. Generally expect a lash shed season to last up to 6 weeks. The lash shedding effects every client different. Some clients will only loose a lot in one 2 week fill compared to a client who might loose a lot with two 2 week fill time periods.

Can you stop lash shedding when it comes to extensions?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop the lash shedding seasons, but you can do some things to help a little with retention. Highly recommend lash primer. The extension lash primer is a great product to have as a lash artist. You take a lip applicator and put the primer on the tip and apply on the top and bottom of the natural lash where you would attach a extension with glue. You want to apply primer before you do a fill or a full set and do not start applying extensions until the lashes are dry. You can also use primer with 2 week fills if you cannot figure out why your clients retention is bad after a couple fills. Another tip during these seasons is to use bonder . You would apply the bonder with a lip applicator after the fill while the client is drying. Typically you can use bonder after every fill or full set to help with retention regardless. Overall, make sure to educate your client on the lash shedding seasons and make it known on what to

expect. As an artist you CANNOT let this affect your confidence on retention. It happens and does not mean your doing anything wrong.

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