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lash extention service

Learn to  Lash

1-1 Lash, Brow, Waxing training


Our In-Person Trainings take place in Saratoga Springs NY. Over the course of 8-hours, you'll immerse yourself in comprehensive knowledge that promises continuous improvement in your lashing skills every day. Our one-on-one in-person training is available, as well as monthly group training. Additionally, regardless of whether you opt for the classic or volume training, you'll receive a complete starter kit tailored to kickstart your lashing journey right away.


Why Train with Us?

Trust us when we say we have perfected our courses. Designed to keep the experience as personal as possible, you'll feel supported and confident from start to finish. This is the difference between good lash training and great lash training After a full day of training, this is where you need the most help that's where we want to be there for you. We want to hold you accountable and ensure you reach your goals within the industry and this is how we can see the progress, That's why we provide continuous support, and beyond that, the assistance remains ongoing. Start your lash journey with an admissions call with one of our admissions coordinators today! 

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