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If you’re more of a “I learn better on my own” type of gal, then this training option is suited best for you! It will consist of just you and your She's Yar trainer for a more intimate learning setting. Here at She's Yar, we don’t just want to teach you, we want to EDUCATE you. That is why our training is like no other. We have covered every section possible that you need to know to start a successful business in the lash industry. Our manual covers 80 pages of information that is informative, detailed, and knowledgeable to the core.

In-Person Volume Lash 101 - 1 Day Course (6 hours)

    • Volume Lashing Theory

    • Volume Lash Application Methods

    • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth

    • Product and Tool Expertise

    • Advanced Tweezer Practices

    • Advanced Application Techniques

    • Advanced Adhesive Polymerization

    • Preparation Before Appointments

    • Advanced Reactions and Sensitivities

    • Creating the Perfect Fan

    • Recommended Fanning Methods

    • Proper Hygiene and Safety

    • When Not To Lash

    • Advanced Lash Styles

    • Maintaining Healthy Volume Lashes

    • Volume Aftercare Techniques

    • Volume Lash Curl, Length, and Diameter

    • Volume Lash Fills

    • Volume Fan Removal

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