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Henna Brow is by far our favorite brow treatment and the most popular course in She's Yar. The Henna Brow treatment not only tints the brow hair but also the skin underneath to provide a pair of well-defined, long-lasting brows for your clients.

In this course, you will learn everything about henna brows. You will learn the best-kept secrets from mixing the henna, selecting the appropriate color, and applying it to the eyebrows, to increase the longevity of Brow Henna results. The Henna Brow course provides everything you need to create those much-desired well-defined eyebrows.

In-Person Brow Henna Course

    • Growing Your Business

    • Reactions & Sensitivities

    • Contraindications

    • Proper Hygiene & Safety

    • Solution Usage & Storage

    • Material Knowledge

    • Necessary Tools

    • Preparation Before Appointments

    • Client Consultation

    • Patch Testing

    • Application

    • Brow Shaping

    • Correct Processing

    • Troubleshooting

  • Once successfully purchased the desired course, you will receive an email to schedule your course. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to LASHACADEMY@SHESYARLASHBAR.COM. 

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