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Premade fans vs handmade

Premade fans are definitely a time savor, but handmade fans will last a lot longer. Premades are flat and the glue is already settled. when handmade fans are able to wrap around and still wet with the glue making the fan still flexible. For example, the picture to the right is a great example. The pink lash is the natural. Premades are flat, not giving the extensions a option to wrap around the natural lash. Compared to a handmade fan that can wrap completely around the natural lash, giving you better retention and more grip.

Premade fans

Premade fans can either come in a jar all mixed in or attached to a strip to take off. These type of fans can make your fill or full set go by very easy and are very efficient, but they might not last long. Especially if someone wants a wispy set with different sized fans you will have to pull another size fan container out. Premades just sit on the natural just like a classic lash. Sometimes classic lashes don't work for everyone, meaning the retention with a classic is terrible when you would then recommend a hybrid or light volume to help but in reality its still considered a classic laid on the natural. Premades can also make a very organized set which is a benefit due to the premade fans all being the same. Premades come in all sorts of sizes when it comes to fullness,how wide or fluffy or thin your fans are. But with that said, each fan u need to achieve the set that is wanted you will have to make sure u have the different size fans on stand by.

Handmade fans

Handmade fans are the best fans when it comes to helping a client with poor retention. Handmade fans are made during each placement. These fans wrap around the natural lash instead of just being laid on top. When fans are able to wrap around, it helps with retention drastically. Wrapping around the natural gives more options for the extension to grab onto instead of just popping off like a premade with one attachment point. Making handmade fans comes with skill and patience but u have full control of how the set will come out. With handmade's you are able to make each set YOUR set. Meaning no one else's set will ever look like yours, making your work unique. Once you get the hand of making the handmade fans, your time on placement will be equal to applying a premade. It's important to apply handmade fans under and pulling up so the extension can wrap around. Handmade fans are typically using 0.03 or 0.05's, this allows you to make the fans have as many lashes as you want giving you flexibility on fullness and how much you want your fan to "pop". Overall using handmade fans give you more wiggle room on how you can achieve your clients needs on the set they want and will help with retention.

Overall you will find what works best for you when it comes to using premade fans to homemade fans. That's why this world gives you so many options because sometimes certain ways don't work for everyone. Based off this explanation you should know what type of fan technique should help you the most.

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