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Humidity in the salon & why it's important

Who knew that the humidity percentage in a room could be so important? Humidity plays a huge roll with helping your glue work properly and the humidity could actually be the reason your lashes wont stick, last long or even affect how your homemade fans don't come out good.

How do i know what percentage the humidity is at?

They sell a small humidity and temperature device known as a " Environmental detector" that tells you if the humidity is good or bad on amazon or even on and they are pretty cheap!

what should the humidity percentage be?

You want the humidity level to be between 45% and 60% max! Each adhesive has a recommendation on humidity level for each brand/ type of glue adhesive, so you want to make sure what your humidity "happy spot" is for the glue you use before you buy, especially if you are in a humid state vs a dry state.

why does humidity play such a big role?

lash glue contains cyanoacrylate which is the main ingredient in lash glue. The amount of cyanoacrylate determines how fast your glue dries after applied. Some glues have a majority of this ingredient which helps a quicker application and less seconds to dry compared to a lash glue with less cyanoacrylate giving u a longer time to activate and dry. Humidity basically works as and activator for lash extension glue's adhesion.

What to do if my humidity level is to high?

If your humidity is too high it can cause the glue to take a lot longer to dry. If your humidity is above 60% your glue is basically " over activated". So basically the over-activated cyanoacrylate will simply stop working and it will lead to very poor adhesion. To lower the humidity in a room , you ill need a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers work just like a air conditioner, so you could basically turn the ac on if you don't have a dehumidifier in worst case scenarios but if you are in a humid state, highly recommend a dehumidifier at all times to regulate the humidity percentage. If your humidity is typically high all the time , use a glue with a slower drying speed.

What about low humidity?

Lower humidity percentage can make the cyanoacrylate not cure as well. With low humidity their isn't enough water vapor in the air for the glue to cure properly and this can cause " lash stickies" .

Lash stickies are very frustrating as we all know making it harder to keep going when everything is sticking together. Lash stickies can also give your client pain. Each lash grows at a different rate. So when two lashes are stuck together, one lash may be growing at a different rate causing pain and pulling the other lash its stuck to that isn't growing like the other one causes a pulling feelings and let me tell you, its not a pleasant feeling especially when you spent so much on a full set. So avoid this scenario at all costs to keep your clients happy and coming back. Low humidity can be fixed easily by simply having a humidifier in the room. A humidifier brings moisture back into the air and will definitely fix the low humidity percentage quickly.

Temperature in the room matters too!

It is ideal to have the room on the colder side then hotter. Typically want to stay 68-70 degrees to be safe. Having a colder room will help the humidity stay steady. Its easier to increase humidity then to decrease the humidity. Remember the colder the room the lower the humidity. Just have a humidifier standing by encase the humidity is to low. Again, increasing humidity is easier then getting rid of it. Also if your clients are too cold, have blankets always ready. Having blankets can increase the luxury of the service they are paying for.



Play around with the room/studio you are working in before you open so u can tell if you are in a high vs low area. This will help you understand how to regulate the humidity for the glue you like or if you have to get a faster drying glue compared to a slower drying glue based on how you can regulate your rooms humidity. Remember its all about efficiency when it comes to how long or short of time you have with your clients.

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