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eye shape & extensions

Wondering what style to do for your client? This guide will show you how to determine which style suits your clients eye shape.

The 5 most basic eye shapes to start off with are almond, upturned, round, monolid and hooded eyes. Once you get the basics down you are golden.

Almond eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are often considered the most versatile eye shape and are known for their symmetry and balanced proportions. To enhance this shape, opt for the Doll Eye lash mapping style. This style features an even distribution of lash extensions across the entire lash line, creating a wide-eyed, doe-like effect. Focus on maintaining a tapered length and curl throughout the lashes. You could also do a short length starting on the inner corners and half way to the middle of the eye then stear up like a kitten eye map. Not a cat eye shape, almond eyes lids are closer to the bottom water line on the inner and outer corners. you do not want a long length there whatsoever. After you put your longest length after the outer curve of the iris you want to taper down the outer corner so you don't weigh the lids even more.

upturned eyes

For clients with upturned eyes, the goal is to enhance their natural eye shape and create a more balanced appearance. Upturned eyes have a slight lift at the outer corners, which can already provide a captivating look. However, to further emphasise and complement this eye shape, a lash mapping style that focuses on enhancing the upward lift and maintaining balance is ideal. So, for those with upturned eyes, focus on a Natural Look lash mapping style. Applying shorter lash extensions towards the centre of the eye and gradually lengthening them towards the outer corners will complement the natural upward lift. If they want to achieve a higher lift you could definitely do a cat eye map. Nothing too long because the eyes are already opened on the outer corners.

Round eyes

Round eyes are naturally large and expressive. This eye shape allows for a wide range of lash mapping styles, but one of the most popular and flattering options is the Cat Eye look. You want to stay away from a open eye lash map because it could open the eyes even more and look a little funky. If your client doesn't want to do cat eye , you could do kitten eye. Kitten eye is a softer cat eye with the highest length closer to the middle point but not directly in the middle and a tapered down finish on the outer corner.

Monolid eyes

Similar to what we previously mentioned for hooded eyes, monolid eyes are also somewhat

versatile. The lash mapping styles that suit them will depend on their size, shape and the distance between the eyes. Monolid eyes don't have a visible crease, so the goal is to create depth and dimension. With monolid eyes you can play around with texture to create dimension and style. Since this eye shape you don't want to go too long because they don't have a visible eye crease.

Hooded eyes

Clients with hooded eyes often seek lash extensions to create the illusion of larger, more

defined eye. Most lash mapping styles can be used for this eye shape depending on their size, shape, and the distance between the eyes, the key here is to keep it natural. A Natural lash mapping style is perfect for hooded eyes. Place shorter lash extensions from the inner corners, gradually increasing in length towards the middle, and then decreasing the lengths again towards the outer corners, you'll open up their eyes and add definition without overwhelming their lid space. The goal is to lift and define. Try using cc curl or c + . D curl can weigh down due to the bigger curvature in the D curl. C curl wont lift at all due to the curl being so natural.

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