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Consultations & why it's important

Consultations are HUGE! Doing a proper consultation guides you in the proper direction of what look your client is trying to achieve. Remember, in order to make money you need to have your clients coming back by doing exactly what they are asking for. New clients always have to fill out a consent form!

How to start

Always greet your client and confirm what services they are booked for.

Example: *client walks in * " Hi ( clients name ) have you ever gotten a full set before? "

the answer to that question will guide you on how explanatory you will have to be. If it is your clients first time getting lashes you want to tell them everything you are doing when it comes to taping them down, " i am going to place eye pads down on your bottom lashes to hold them down so they don't get stuck together to your top lashes" You can also tell them this will be the most uncomfortable part but once you close u wont feel pretty much anything. But, before you tape them down you want to ask them " what makes you want to get lash extensions" . Some will say they are tired of mascara or are going on a vacation etc. You can then ask if they wear a full face of makeup everyday, this will stear you into the decision they like to see more of a difference as in hybrid or volume. Compared to someone who barely wears makeup or any at all, classic are good to start with. More topics you want to cover, " do you want them to be more on the noticeable side or more natural?" this will tell u on how light or heavy they want them. Then you want to also cover the style/shape they want to achieve. " Do you want something to open your eyes up more or narrow them out? This will tell you either to do open eye or more towards cat eye. Open eye is longer in the middle so this will open the eyes up for people with almond or smaller eyes. Then cat eye is longer on the outer corners giving a " winged eyeliner affect" If they are un-easy about the " winged eye liner " part you can say you can do a more natural cat eye which is kitten eye. It's a cat eye that doesn't come with the wing on the end. With kitten eye you don't want the longest length to be so close to the outer corner. For example you want to do either a 9 or 8 on the very outer lash then do a couple 10's and 11's based on what longest length their natural lash can hold. Make sure to always show pictures of what you think they will like based on your clients needs. You can also ask if they have a picture of what they want, this will clear up a lot of questions.

During the service

You always want to make sure your client is comfortable throughout the whole service. In the beginig you want to tell them to keep their eyes shut and if they feel any burning it doesn't mean anything bad, it could just mean the fumes from the glue are making their way and that you will put the fan on to help if it happens but it shouldn't. If the fan doesn't work it may mean they are sensitive. Make sure to have sensitive gel, it is a jello like product that sits in a jar and u put the container on each side of your clients head and this will grab the fumes more, the gel acts as a sponge. Do not put this on your client, u can poke holes into the top to help catch fumes more but thats about it. There is also sensitive lash glue that is clear, This glue helps dramatically. But during the service you want to ask about 3 times " Does everything still feel okay" this ensures you that your client is comfortable the whole service.

After the service

Make sure to remove the eye pads slowly, the under eye skin is very sensitive. But with that you want to go over aftercare. How to shampoo, how often to shampoo ( this is all in the retention blog). Ask your client "What do you think? Are they too full? Do you see anything i missed? " Be thorough with asking things on how they like the lash set because you don't want to get a text the next day with them complaining about something. You want your client leaving happy and confident.

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