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Client & Employee Relations

Client relationships and employee relationships need to stay professional. Sometimes relations can be put out of hand or blown up causing drama in the workplace, so its best to stay at a certain level.

Client Relationships

Everyone has clients you are close too and clients who u keep it minimum. Typically conversations need to be about the client. You want to stay away from talking about yourself. Remember they came to you for an appointment and 9 out of 10 times they want to vent to you. It is always about the client. Some clients that you have had for years/months basically know what has been going on in your life in that time frame so that is normal especially if they are asking about your life that is ok, but you never want to start off the rip talking about you. You as an artist should know about your client if you have had them for some time.

Client Conversation

Yes you want some sort of relationship with your client so they feel comfortable around you. You can always start off "what do you do for work" then they tell you and can go off that conversation.


" Do you have any kids? " then wean into more with the topics if they are opening up to you, especially if you have kids, you can relate to them on certain things.

If so " How many kids do you have? What are the names and what grades? "

" Is this location closest to you? - this is you poking at a conversation to let them tell u more about them.

These "starters" are only conversation starters! Typically a client will show u they just want to relax and not talk by giving blunt answers and that is totally okay! Again, YOU NEVER want to always talk about yourself. Only time you could is if they ask you. Do not lay your client down and just go on a tangent about your life situations.

Employee Relationships

Being in a salon for a long time, you gain a point of comfort with certain employees and gain a relationship with them. Their is nothing wrong with that, just have to be careful with certain things like if you don't talk to them outside of work that should tell you who you can trust with certain things. The beauty industry is very dramaful. Things get twisted and flipped. So this is your heads up before you start anywhere. Never complain about other things going on to another employee. Go to the manager or boss telling them what is going on. After a long time in a salon, you will see who runs there mouth and who doesn't care for things. The main part of being in a salon is to work, make your money and go home. Your career is important to maintain professional. Never treat your career as highschool relationships. Once you graduate, that is long gone and it's time to step up. Always keep certain things about your life personal, if you want to open up to someone about something, tell a gist. Tell the detailed part to your friend outside of work. Remember work is work, friends are outside of work!

Employee Conversations

Talking with employees needs to remain professional unless they open up to you about something. But regarding conversation on the floor it should always stay quiet and professional. Never have a conversation loud or personal around other clients. It will put a bad name on the studio/salon and a bad rep on your clients feedback. The area where clients are getting services done should be relaxing and a place the clients feel comfortable in. Now the employee conversations aren't a thing when you have your own room. But working in a salon, you always have to remember someone was there before you and they are basically eyes and ears for the owner about you. Conversations on a lunch break or when clients aren't around should still stay minimal. This is different if you got hired with someone you know. But when you only know certain people from work, don't tell every tiny detail about what happened one weekend or with one person outside of work. Work is work not a gather party. You want to keep conversation as drama free as possible so you can keep the atmosphere positive. You came to work to make money not friendships. Yes it is nice to get close to someone in a workplace but if that's all the relationship is, at work, Keep it professional. Hanging outside of work with an employee shows alot about that person and where they stand, work relationship or friendship.

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