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being a clean lash tech

cleanliness and sanitation plays a HUGE roll in this industry. Lets start off with you as an artist.

Personal Hygiene

You as a artist, being so close to a client is very important to smell good. You want to give a good impression especially for new clients to have them coming back. You want to look professional and put together. Keep in mind of how close your face is to your clients. First thing comes to mind "does my breath smell?" Always brush your teeth or have gum/mints in your salon. You absolutely do not want your client smelling your breath the whole service. As well as body care, deodorant, perfume and lotion. You are moving your arms the whole service and don't want the client to smell bo at all if you get the sweats being stressed one day. Put perfume on in the beginning of your day, never in the salon because you don't want it to be so powerful. The salon is a relaxing place and want the smell in the salon to be minimal and not overpowering. Clean clothes everyday and hair done neat is always a plus on giving a first impression. You never want to wear a lot of jewelry due to your hands moving , your client doesn't want to hear jingles the whole service. Your hands need to be washed between every client as well.

Salon sanitation

Keeping your room or salon clean is very important. The state can come in at any given time or day. Always have opening duties and cleaning duties. Make sure everything you've used is clean at the end of the day to start your next day clean. Barbicide is very important to sanitize your metal tools. It is very important to sanitize your tools after each client. If you don't clean the tools

after and a client has a sty or infection, you can transfer that to your next client. You can actually get a barbicide certification on their website for free and you get educated with the certification on the basics . Always have fresh barbicide every 4 hours. Tools need to be sanitized after every use. Laundry is also very important if towels are used. Towels and blankets need to be changed after every client as well as wiping your station down everyday with disinfectant wipes. If you have a bed that can be wiped, wipe it down after every client. A lot of supplies are one time use so keep that in mind as well. Always mop and sweep every day and fill up anything that has run out so you are set for the next day. You should be sanitizing everything every day.

closing sanitation

  • emptying your barbacide and rinsing the container out

  • wiping down everything with lysol wipes

  • cleaning mirrors

  • restocking supply

  • putting everything back that was taken out

  • sweeping floors and moping

  • garbage's if food was thrown out , especially the bathroom garbage

  • making sure everything is unplugged


Candles can always help the salon smell good, but make sure it is a light smell. You could also have a diffuser going with a little essential oil in it to help the salon be aromatic. As well as putting out decorations based on seasons. Having a scent in the bathroom can help with that room smelling too. But over all wipe everything down, mop and do the garbage's you shouldn't have any issues with smells and overall should always smell good in your room/salon.

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