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Diving into all the details there is about facial waxing, this 3-hour course offers an in depth understanding for entry level waxers or even qualified waxers wanting to better their skills! We offer constant support for all of our students on multiple platforms and are with you throughout your entire beauty journey.

This facial waxing course explores the following modules;

Introduction, record keeping, contraindications, skin disorders, work health and safety, hair anatomy and growth, tools of the trade, setting up of area, step-by-step, waxing demonstrations and practical requirements.


This course includes the following practical requirements; 

2x lip wax, 1x cheek wax, 1x chin wax, 1x neck wax, 1x nostril wax and quizzes throughout the course.


** This course is not internationally accredited however a certificate of completion is issued **

In-Person Facial Waxing Training

  • Once successfully purchased the desired course, you will receive an email to schedule your course. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to LASHACADEMY@SHESYARLASHBAR.COM. 

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