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Taping techniques for the lids

Some clients have lashes that lay straight out, down or even curl. Using top tape when lashing can help so much. Taping the top of the lids up can help aid you away from stickies, give you more lashes to work with and raise the water lines from touching.


Using top tape can help your lash application run smoothly. Lifting the eyelids a tiny bit you can bring lashes up. This technique is used for clients with straight lashes, lashes that are pointing down or curly. Lifting the eyelids, you want to be careful not to lift too much. The clients eye still has to remain shut. The glue has fumes that make the eyes burn. So if your taping your clients eyelids up too much, they will burn the whole service and most likely be irritated. Lifting also helps you have a better visual on where you are placing the extension and how close you need them to be. Placing the lash extension close enough to the natural lash root is necessary for a better retention outcome.


Using tape just on the outer corners of the eyelids helps spread the eyelashes in a fanning way. Apply the tape to the outermost corner of the lid and pull a little, then rest down to hold the place. This technique is typically used to pull the lashes out, especially for when a client has a lot of lashes that are on the outer and inner corners that make it difficult to isolate. Some clients even have curly lashes on the outer corners from side sleeping. Using tape to pull the lashes more apart, spreads the naturals helping separate curls for a better application. This technique also helps clients with droopy eyes to pull them out and up.


Putting tape only on the eyelids can help the inner corners be more visible. You put tape starting close to the inner corners on the eyelid and pull gently lifting and spreading the inner corners and laying the tape back down to hold in place. A lot of clients have many inner corner natural lashes. Some also have naturals that go all the way close to the tear duct. Without taping to move the skin on the lid can make it difficult to get every lash on the inners.

It is very important to try your best to get every natural lash. You want your clients happy and coming back. Getting a maximum fill, you lash EVERY single lash. The client is paying to get the full service. Not a half fill. If your client wants a lighter look and u think you don't need to fill them up all the way, bump down to the style below based on what they are getting. For example, if the client is getting hybrid and wants to be lighter, bump down to classic and make sure to get every single natural for maximum fullness. Being able to fill every natural lash, your client is getting their money's worth. At the end of the day You as an artist want to fill your client up as much as possible, that means every natural lash needs a extension. Doing this will also help with retention. Especially if your client loses a lot of lashes between fills , taping to get every lash will help you and the client!

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