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Lashing Mature Eyes

Choosing a lightweight and natural look :

Lashing the mature clientele, it's very important to understand that ageing is a natural process that results in various changes, including thinner and more brittle hair and lashes. This means heavy and thick extensions aren't ideal for them. Instead, opt for lighter extensions . If you prefer a handmade volume fan, go for the 0.03 diameter, which is extremely soft and lightweight. These alternatives will not only protect the natural lash but also offer a subtle and natural enhancement, without being overpowering. Fans need to be think and light! no wide or thick fans!

Choose the right curl, length & style:

Choosing a lifting curl helps a lot when it comes to mature skin. For example if you use a natural curl, it can weigh the eye down. The best curl to use is cc or c+ . D curl is not a good curl to use if you are trying to lift, D curl can still weigh down due to it being a softer curl . D is normally used when a younger client wants to see more of curl. Not lift. As seen in the picture cc curl is more up and back compared to D curl being " droopy" or considered a deep curl. D curl will still weight down giving a darker shadow on the eyelid. After understanding the right curl to use, now comes length. Your length starting off ALWAYS wants to stay on the shorter side. #1 rule with lashing is to NEVER go 2 lengths higher then the natural length. This will cause breakage and brittle natural lashes. With mature skin, the bodies hair is already thin and brittle. Also if you put a long length that the natural cannot handle , the extensions weight will weigh down the natural and defeat the purpose of using a lifting curl. Thin lashes = short lightweight lashes . After determining the suitable length you want to come up with what shape. Normally you ask your client if they want open eye or cat eye to start off with. Open eye will open the eyes up but if the client already has round larger eyes, do not do open eye. Cat eye will narrow out the eye shape and give a winged eyeliner affect. If your client has small almond eyes, do not do cat eye. Also when doing cat eye on matured clients you do not want to give them a wing on the outer corner that you usually would. You want to switch it to kitten eye. Kitten eye changes the lift area of the eye with the highest point instead of creating a droopy eye shape. Remember with mature skin you ALWAYS WANT TO LIFT!

Taping down loose skin:

The skin around our eyes is exceptionally delicate and becomes even more so with age. Always prioritise the comfort and safety of your mature clients by using under-eye gel pads or premium hydrogel pads for the bottom lashes, instead of relying solely on lash tapes. This approach not only ensures a smoother removal but also offers luxurious treatment for the under-eye area. 

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