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How to tape bottom lashes

Taping the bottom lashes has to be done correctly in order to have a clean finish. The bottom lashes need to be out of the way or you will be lashing the lashes all together and that can be painful if you don't know how to un-stick them. Taping the bottom lashes can be done in multiple ways. You just want to make sure all of the lashes are out of the way and not too close to the water line resulting in a uncomfortable service for your client.

Taping types

Highly recommend using microfoam tape. It is gentle and using one layer of tape will save you a lot of money. Typically with this type of tape you want to lay on parchment paper on both sides, like creating a sticker, so you have two pieces of tape on each side of the paper giving you a sticker for each eye. After you put the microfoam tape on each side of the parchment paper you want to cut in the shape of an eye. For example the eye is like a football, it's not a complete circle, its not flat or straight. This "football" shape will help you visualize to cut the tape with a slight curve instead of straight. If you cut the microfoam tape straight it will be uncomfortable for your client and wont lay nicely around the eye shape. This version is most cost effective because u can make a whole lot of eye pads and will basically never run out. Same with you will know when you need to order more way before hand. This type of tape is also thicker so you don't have to worry about pricking your client when isolating.

Another version of taping down is using gel pads and micro tape on top to hold down the lashes. Typically you lay down the gel pads but not too close to the water line. The gel pads will hold down the longer bottom lashes and then when you put two pieces of micro tape on the rest of the lashes. This method works fine and holds the baby lashes more then just one piece of tape but has no cushion for the under eye when you are isolating. This version can also be more expensive down the line. You have to use one time use under eye pads and tape. Yes they are cheap but it adds up. You could have the eye pads in a drawer and not know when you are out when you are continuously working. So using the microfoam tape u always have back up.

Proper placement for bottom lashes

This is how bottom lashes are properly tapped down. The tape is not too close to the bottom waterline. When the eye is closed, the top lashes aren't touching the bottom nor will you mistake any of the bottom lashes for a top lash and create a sticky. Your client will also be comfortable closing there eyes.

The picture on the right is a good example of how not to let your tape sit. The tape is too far away from the waterline. This will cause a whole bunch of stickies. Be mindful everytime you blink the top and bottom lashes touch. so imagine where the top lashes will sit when your clients eye is shut. This photo shows a lot of bottom lashes showing. This can cause your application to go wrong in so many ways. This is a tape placement if you were to put micro tape on top to cover the rest of the lashes, but that is it.

In this photo, your client will be irritated the whole service. When the eye closes the tape will be in the eye. When this happens the clients eyes will water most likely the whole time and feel itchy. Imagine having a eyelash in your eye, that's the " itchy" feeling and that is so uncomfortable to be dealing with that for a whole fill.

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