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What it is: A luxurious scrub that gently polishes away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Made with a heavenly concoction of mineral-rich sea salt, nourishing oils and an amber-like scent with notes of honey, clove and nutmeg. 

Why you'll love it:  Get ready for silky-smooth skin like you’ve simply never felt before! Just scoop, rub, and scrub in circular motions for a luxurious experience in the shower or bath tub. Perfect for prepping your skin before slipping into a slinky dress this summer – or nourishing rough, cracked heels in an instant! 

It's no wonder they're a fan-favorite and even made Oprah's O-List where she said, "These scrubs smell so good I'm ready to serve them over berries!” Lightweight, non-greasy and so addictively yummy, you'll keep a jar by every sink and bathtub! 

Fans say: “I use Whipped Honey Fine Sea Salt Body Scrub on all the parts that get dry during the winter. It helps deflake my skin, restore hydration, and smells devine! Use this in conjunction with the Honey Heel Glaze, and you've got a match made in heaven!”

Whipped Honey Fine Sea Salt Body Polish

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